Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fresh Dirt on my Counters

This year I decided to give gardening a shot. Even though it looks like a disaster in my 15' x 19' garden, I still manage to get just enough produce for several meals.

I'm finally to the point where I'm starting to be able to pick something every other day. Tonight I had the house to myself and decided to make a few things with the produce of my labor of love. I did just a little of everything, which is fun to try them all, but it's not enough to live off during the winter. I made refrigerator pickles, froze green beans, and made tomato salsa. EVERYTHING that I used to make them all was home grown. Which I love because it's resourceful, organic, local, and cheaper! The herbs are all delicious since they are fresh picked, and the corn was home grown at my parents farm. Even though it isn't much yet, I'm oober excited to eat it all (soon).

There probably would have been another jar of salsa, but I found a bag of chips and was immediately hooked. The beans will be perfect for a meal during the horrible long winter months. The pickles are just down right delicious, and the salsa will be just right on a vacation we have coming up. Next year I'll have figured out what we like to eat the most, and do more so that we have enough to last through the winter months. I'm so excited! :)