Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011

I saw this idea on the blog of a fellow creative guru ( and am paying it forward to you as well. Here's the deal:

I promise to send something hand-made to the first five peope who leave a comment here. 

You must in turn post this on your blog and send somthing YOU make to the first five people who comment on your post.

The rules are: the item has to be HANDMADE and must be sent to the five people sometime in 2011. Time to share some love.

Please be sure to leave your email address in the comments so I can contact you!
I have a fun idea in mind and can't wait to send you a package of handmade goodies!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines 'Wreath' Tutorial

With the remodel going on, my projects have become quick and simple. I finally broke down and put away our Christmas decorations today. The house looks SO empty and sad. It needed a little cheer of color to ease my way out of the overly decorated rooms. This quick wreath was perfect.

The yarn heart is warm and cozy since we just got a lot of snow again today. Plus, everyone has left over yarn from all of their yarn wreaths this Christmas ;)

You will need:
An old frame (I spray painted mine silver)
Foam core, or cardboard
Red or pink yarn
Scraps for a bow

Using your foam board or cardboard, cut out the shape of a heart. I'm non-typical so I did mine a little asymmetrical.

Using either red or pink ribbon start wrapping around the heart shape. I cut my yarn into about 8' lengths so I could wrap it in and out easier. Optional: Ribbon would be an even quicker option since you would cover more area at a time.

After the entire thing in wound in yarn decide how you want it to hang within your frame. I simply ripped a 3" strip of white fabric to make my bow.

You will need to tie a knot before wrapping the bow around the top of the frame so the frame doesn't fall  to the heart. (It'll make more sense when you try hang it)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buying a Fixer House=Too much work!

I feel like I have fallen off the face of by blog! Recently we started remodeling our entry so the creativity has taken a small dive. I also started a new Interior Design job this week that makes my life a little busier than normal.

When we bought our home we knew it would need a lot of work....but we were up to the challenge and wanted to personalize it. Turns out this is a WHOLE lot more work than expected. We have gotten most of our main level to a good living standard and now are moving into the entry. It used to have 2 unnecessary doors from the entry to the stairs and made for a HUGE hassle to grill, bring in groceries, and function. We decided they had to go.

Remodeling in our house works great. My husband loves to destroy...and I love to make it look better. Except that we both hate the mess and work!

So the walls came down and the drywall went up! (with the enlisted help of some friends and family) We added a coat closet, more outlets, new doors...and that's where we're at. I'm on the hunt for more inspiration to organize this new entry--link up in a comment if you have a great idea.

I'll try to return with more creativity now that the major parts of our remodel are out of the way!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Instant Oatmeal Recipe

When I used to live with my parents I was the typical kid that slept as late as humanly possible just so I had enough time to brush my teeth and throw my hair in a pony tail before school. Now that I have a busy life as a newly-wed with a full time job and remodeling a house I have to eat breakfast to keep myself going. I used to buy the instant oatmeal packets... until I decided I could make my own for much cheaper. I researched a few recipes and made up my own!

Instant Oatmeal
3 cups cooking oats
pinch of salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp sugar/brown sugar

In a food processor blend 1 cup of the oats until they are powder. Combine the other ingredients all in a large airtight container. To make the oatmeal, use 1/2 cup of the mix to 3/4 cup water and cook like other instant oatmeal. I put an extra measuring cup right into the container to make it easier and quicker in the morning.
Extra Tip: If you have kids that take breakfast to school or get ready by themselves in the morning, put the 1/2 cup into a microwavable container, draw a permanent line on the container with a Sharpie that the water must be filled to. Then the student can make themselves a healthy and warm breakfast.

I put the oatmeal mixture into a clear container that sits on the counter next to the other vital part of my morning commute. This is the perfect way to stay warm and full and start your day off. Plus, who wouldn't want to start their morning with a money-saving idea!?

New Year Blog Hop

The beginning of 2011 means it's a great time to explore and find more creative people that may be 'hiding out there.' It amazes me how I can always stumble across another extremely creative and inspiration blog. Head over to this blog hop to 'meet a few more friends.' Hope everyone is already having a fantastic new year!