Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines 'Wreath' Tutorial

With the remodel going on, my projects have become quick and simple. I finally broke down and put away our Christmas decorations today. The house looks SO empty and sad. It needed a little cheer of color to ease my way out of the overly decorated rooms. This quick wreath was perfect.

The yarn heart is warm and cozy since we just got a lot of snow again today. Plus, everyone has left over yarn from all of their yarn wreaths this Christmas ;)

You will need:
An old frame (I spray painted mine silver)
Foam core, or cardboard
Red or pink yarn
Scraps for a bow

Using your foam board or cardboard, cut out the shape of a heart. I'm non-typical so I did mine a little asymmetrical.

Using either red or pink ribbon start wrapping around the heart shape. I cut my yarn into about 8' lengths so I could wrap it in and out easier. Optional: Ribbon would be an even quicker option since you would cover more area at a time.

After the entire thing in wound in yarn decide how you want it to hang within your frame. I simply ripped a 3" strip of white fabric to make my bow.

You will need to tie a knot before wrapping the bow around the top of the frame so the frame doesn't fall  to the heart. (It'll make more sense when you try hang it)


Quiltstory said...

SUCH a cute idea!! I may end up making one too!!

Amy Kinser said...

I love this! So simple and cute and I love simple.