Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm still alive....

I went to my parents' place to visit family and friends for a few days this week. It was great to go home for a while and just relax with nothing to do. My roomate is moving in on Monday so I have a few days to myself to finally decorate my room and get it all situated. This week my mom gave me this Art Neuvo handkerchief that she picked up at a local antique shop. She knew it was the colors of my room and lone behold it matches perfect. I wanted something different above my bed so I decided to go to a thrift store a few blocks down to find an old frame. I took out the old picture and put in the handkerchief and added a verse that I love and is great in the room, which also doubles as my design studio room. Later today I hit up a few garage sales and snagged some old 3x3 vintage photos for $.10/each, a  45" square tablecloth from the 1940's with pineapples, a lamp with milkdot base for $1, and a crazy unique wooden bird mobile for $.75. My room is slowly coming together now and can't wait for the finished product!

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lizardcreekquilter said...

Love it!! I knew it would be just right for you!! Keep up the great ideas!!