Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lights...Camera...& High-end Fashion!

As an Interior Designer, I typically stick to my colors, lines, function, and floor plans. This past weekend I added a little more! I work for someone who is both an interior designer and a fashion designer. She was asked to show at Portland Fashion Week's sustainable show this year. And lucky ME was in charge of accessories and random details. I've never been to something so crazy!

It was in the shipyards and super industrial so the inside was awesome and kinda harshly pretty.

Saturday night we went to the "Project Runway" show and saw Seth Aaron, Gordana, Jay, and Jonathan's shows. It was AMAZING! I've never been to a real runway show and it was super intense.

Sunday night was our show, and I was backstage for the intensity of a runway show. I have nothing other to say than "wow!" There are people running around in nothing and everything. I was actually super surprised that the models were so friendly. Each night we got to party with them at an after party and got to know a couple of them really well.

For SURE a once in a lifetime adventure! (But I wouldn't mind doing it again) We even have more pictures of what I helped with and the accessories but I don't have them yet. It was pretty awesome to see something that I did walking down a runway.

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