Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have a 'lil Faith

I tend to be a 'blog lurker' at night when everything settles down. I love being able to see a little into other people's lives and see what they have created (since I typically don't have time to lately). I love it just a little more when other 'neighbor bloggers' out there have little tutorials or freebies that truly relate to my life.

When we first bought our home, my goal was to have the bedroom be the first room to be completely done, decorated, and serene before the wedding....4 months later, it's still plain jane! It has a little too much grey and white so I would like to add some blue and mustard yellow. I've been searching for some art that was faith related to hang next to our bed and tonight it popped up! Keep Calm and Pray On is perfect, to get this free download, head HERE. I'll be sending mine off to get printed and framed ASAP.


My hubby and I think our David Ramsey envelopes are super boring. Diane over at from blank pages came up with the perfect solution to the ugly envelopes. Click HERE to get the tutorial. It's saved in my "to make" folder. :)


Sometimes when my creativity is dead when I get home from work (since I already work as an Interior Designer) I love reading some of your blogs and being inspired from you ideas. Keep up the good work!

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