Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Artsy Fartsy Finished

Monday I was able to take the day off and get A LOT finished around the house and get some things done during regular business hours. I finally finished my 'wall art quilt thing.' My tutorial for the quilt top is HERE. I feel like I should start on my Winter one tomorrow if it's going to take me this long again :)
(Sorry about the fact that I took this at a really bad time of day and the wall is between a large window and an entry door) This whole little wall is turning into a small eclectic art area that I'm going to try make all the art. Be sure to take notice of the amazing quilting! Thanks, Mom!

My hubby pointed out that the piece of art that I did next to it looks like a blank frame with a small red heart during some points during the day because of the color thread I chose. When you can see it, it looks really neat. I also freehanded the embroidery as well.

Now that my walls aren't so empty, our house is finally starting to feel like a home. Good thing because it's started to get oober cold around here!

The empty space in the art area is going to be one a blown up canvas. There is a code floating around for a free 8x10 I hear and I'm anxious to use it with one of our wedding pictures.

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