Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonder Woman

My hubby never has a problem with me up in my design/sewing/creating studio at night. I love being up there and making and creating anything and everything but there is ONE thing that I won't do in there.....mend. I think I hate it because it offers me no instant gratification of something pretty. He knows this and usually takes it to his mom, which makes me feel back since she isn't much of a sewer. The other day when he left for work, he said he was down to one pair of pants because the rest were ripped or in repair at his mom's place. So after playing for myself in my studio I went to his parents' to get his other pants and fixed them all. Every pair had already been fixed somewhere at lease twice. When he got home I had all 3 pairs mended and folded on the table. He was surprised to say the least that I had done all of this. I was still grudging doing them until he put them on the next morning all SUPER excited because he had forgotten that those were his favorite pants. 

Moral of this long drawn out story.....It's the little things you do for your spouse that make the biggest difference. Who would have known that fixing his pants (with unmatching thread) would have made his day?!

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lizardcreekquilter said...

I am sorry!! I shouldn't have taught you to hate to mend!!! I have a pair of Dad's favorite jeans in my corner that look like that--only a little bit worse!! Great job hon!!!