Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Shower Pretties

My best friend is expecting her 1st baby in 2 months! They're the first ones to have a baby in our close circle of friends. We're all practically family and have been super close for years so this is pretty awesome for all of us. This past Saturday was her baby shower and I was excited to make some of the awesome tutorials popping up all over blogland lately. I created: bibs, diaper and wipe holder, pacifier clips, spit rags, and a toadstool rattle. 

The daddy-to-be is a HUGE Case IH tractor fan. He joked that even if it was a girl that she was going to have a Case blanket. So I made him a separate gift with items for him. 

My INCREDIBLE mother helped me make the awesome little tags on all the items on her embroidery machine. This way things don't get all mixed up at church nursery or daycare. And it's a perfect personal touch. 

After using Jessica's tutorial and templates on Running with Scissors I am now completely addicted to freezer paper stenciling. They will be perfect the the new little dude. 


Using her template for the toadstool, I enlarged it and created a rattle to match. I cut the piece out of red felt. I also cut out some small circles from fleece and stitched them on there as well for an additional soft texture.

I used some small jingle bells and hand sewed on some jingle bells to keep the baby busy. Be sure to attach them well so they don't slide around. 

I sewed the two pieces together and left a small opening to fill with poly-fil. Fill with some fiber-fill, enough to hide the hardness of the bells but not too much to muffle them. Fill the handle a little more stiff to hold easier. Sew the hole shut and rattle away! (As with all items for children, make with care and safety of the child)


Jessica said...

these turned out so great! I love your owl print for the bibs. I saw the same print a few months ago and liked it so much, but only bought 1/4 yard. I probably won't be able to cut it, just hoard and look at it. Great stash for a baby shower gift! Your friend is lucky, and I love the labels.

lizardcreekquilter said...

LOVE everything--you are such a Your incredble mother!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow can I be your friend? I can not believe how lucky your friend is! Those are all so cute and so well made. You have set the bar high for when the rest of your friends have babies :)

Quiltstory said...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a sweet friend!! That stuff is awesome, well done! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)