Friday, March 4, 2011

Painted Wallpaper

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and painted wallpaper in our bedroom. I've been drooling over so many of them in blog land and couldn't resist any more. When we initially moved in I wanted the room to be monochromatic, masculine, and dark. Now almost a year later it was super boring and I had never gotten around to decorating.


I created a basic shape to use for the pattern. I'm not much of a perfectionist with my creating so I started in the top corner of the window and just started tracing and eyeballing, and tracing and eyeballing some more. I traced the entire wall to make sure it was even. The walls are an eggshell finish so I used leftover white high gloss from painting the inside of my kitchen cabinet walls (they were wallpapered when we bought the house! ew). At night when the lights are right, or there are candles lit you can see the little bit of shine.

Now our tiny bedroom looks much bigger! Even my hubby likes it. I feel like I'm checking into a boutique hotel every night. It gives me a little more inspiration to actually make the bed now and then. I had initially looked into wallpaper, for $100 for the small wall I shot that idea down quickly and much better appreciate this treatment for free! After doing this for about 7 hours on my day off, I'd say it's well worth it!



Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista said...

Woooooow, love it, love it, love it!!

Stephanie said...

WOW! That looks so awesome! I have the stencil too and got it just for the envy of seeing it in blog land. I haven't found a spot yet to do it, but seeing yours gives me even more envy! It really, really made a transformation in your room. Job well done!

Robin said...

That is just amazing! what a peaceful it! Please come on back and link up tomorrow!!!
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Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Your wall came out awesome! It looks amazing.