Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bakers Twine Substitute

Since this is our first Christmas I'm having a blast wrapping all my gifts (that are all homemade but ONE). There are OODLES of fun ideas out there for wrapping gifts with bakers twine. These are just a few fun ones that I quickly found, but just start looking and the www is crawling with ideas!



With my Christmas decorating and wrapping budget of about $0 I had to find a way to have this look on my huge budget! About a moth ago at Goodwill I paid $5 for an entire garbage bag of crochet thread. I don't crochet but figured I'd have to have a use for it eventually. Well I found some red and white in the bag, cut my lengths, taped the edge to the counter, and started twisting. Holding the ends to keep the twist I wrapped up my package. The gift was initially wrapped in a brown paper bag rather than kraft paper. The amazing gift tags are a free printable from Eat, Drink, Chic. 

Who said that pretty presents had to cost you anything? With everything I had in my studio these pretty little things didn't cost me a dime, which fits quite nicely within my budget!

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Quiltstory said...

Ooo I love how you made yours on a budget! Those are all great ideas too...I gotta be better at making my packaging pretty :) PS We're following now too!