Monday, December 6, 2010

Did you Hear?

Did you hear? Shutterfly is spreading Christmas joy a little further this year. They are offering 50 free Christmas cards. I love how their prints turn out. Now they even let you send them to Target (which is even better). They have an incredible selection of cards from Contemporary/Modern (my faves), to the traditional cards. I love how they look like you spent a lot more than you actually did since they are heavy cardstock rather than photo paper.

Since we just sent out our wedding Thank You’s I feel silly sending out another picture to the same people, but with all these great formats and fun wedding pictures I can’t really complain. They even have some formats with slots for several pictures so I might have to go to one of them because I can’t decide on a picture.

The folded cards are awesome because they have a picture but you can also add a Christmas letter and a more personal note.

The flat stationary cards have fun backgrounds, monograms, and Christmasy graphics.

The flat photo cards are your traditional cards but Shutterfly adds their own twist.

Us in blogland seem to be the best at spreading the word, so check out this link to see how you can receive 50 free quality Christmas cards. Be sure to order them soon to hand out before the holidays fly by. Good luck choosing a format and Merry Christmas!

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