Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Donation #1...Dropped Off!

We have a lady in our church that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is about the same age as my mom and also has a daughter getting married this summer. She's been through a lot. I found out on Saturday that she's having a benefit this coming Saturday afternoon and they are accepting donations for a silent auction. I thought, how perfect! I have half done projects and fabric for this sitting in my studio! Last night and tonight after work I whipped up a full front apron with some matching pot holders. I forgot to take a picture of the project before I packaged it up all cute for dropoff. The apron has a pleated front and ruffle bottom with some white vintage ric-rac detailing. I'm pretty impressed with my first apron and accessories. And even better, it's going to a great cause!

1 comment:

lizardcreekquilter said...

love it!!! look at you go with your new space!!!!!
love mom!!!