Monday, September 27, 2010

Donations #2-4...Mailed!

Tonight I was VERY excited to complete three more adorable children's pieces to send to another Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Tennessee! They were a blast to design and create with a specific event/fundraiser in mind.

As I was laying them out for pictures a little bit ago, my hubby thought he'd point out, with a tidge of concern in his voice, that all of the pieces are going to fit different kids. (I simply used whatever I had fabric left for.) Since we don't have any mini munchkins running around our home to try these on yet,  I'd LOVE to see yours modeling the pieces if you buy them.

I've never made any real fussy children's clothing before and this "Josie Jacket" from Sew a Straight Line inspired me to create something. Her instructions and pictures are great! And even though I've never done a little garment, I created one that I thought turned out pretty stinking cute. The ruffle skirt is the same pattern I used for my Litttle Helpers in my wedding that I posted about below. I love how it's easily toddler adjustable with a toggle. The apron was also a pattern from Quilts and More. I made up the apron pattern to match the little girls'. It's made to fit an 18" American Girl doll, or any other 18" doll.

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Sabra said...

it all looks fabulous! I'm so glad the pattern worked for you.