Friday, September 17, 2010

Happily Ever After

I figured since it's been a few months since the wedding I'd add a few pictures. Eventually I'll add some tutorials about how I made all of the decorations. It was the perfect day in June for a vintage inspired wedding. From the personal details to the fun filled reception. The night was completed with a game of kickball with the whole family and Grandma even caught a pop fly to get "The Boys" team out. I found an old vintage bright blue necklace and had it turned into a gorgeous bracelet as my "old and blue." It was the perfect pop of color.

I custom designed the wedding programs. They were filled with our engagement pictures, both of our parents' wedding pictures and a thank you to them, and a small story explaining the canopy that we were married under. My mom is a quilter and she collected heirlooms and pieces from parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of ours that are Christian role models in our relationship. She turned them into a quilt and it was hung over a canopy that we stood under for the ceremony. A few of the items were my husband's mom's wedding hanky, copies of love letters of my grandparents during the Korean war, and fabrics with pictures of things that we both love. 
The quilt is actually at a National contest right now that my mom entered it in. I'll post pictures when I actually get it back! :) I was also brave and designed and made all of my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Looking back now I was crazy but LOVED them! I also did this while finishing my senior thesis to graduate with my BA in Interior Design!
The ceremony was just right (even though I have no idea what the pastor said, I was just waiting for the "I now pronounce you...") The dresses of the girls looked the best from the back. I thought this was the most important because that's what the guests see.

We ended the night in a huge game of family kick ball and bean bag tournaments. It was completed with an ice cream sundae bar with soft serve ice cream. I could include a thousand pictures but I thought I'd spare you. In a small town, it was crazy to quickly hear that everyone thought it was a great wedding with fun creative ideas. I thought so too, but I was a little biased! :)

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